Mayor's Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs

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Who We Are

Created in 1987, the Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs was part of the Executive Office of the Mayor until October 2001, when it became an independent agency through DC Act 14-85, "District of Columbia's Asian and Pacific Islander Community Development Act 2000."

MOAPIA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for District Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through advocacy and engagement. MOAPIA advises the Mayor, the Council, and District agencies on the views, needs, and concerns of the AAPI community. MOAPIA provides recommendations on District programs and initiatives affecting the AAPI community, and helps coordinate programs and initiatives within the government that promote the overall welfare of the AAPI community.
MOAPIA organizes and facilitates public and private programs on public safety, human rights, economic development, housing, employment, social services, public health, transportation, education, and multicultural development to ensure accessibility for the District’s AAPI community. MOAPIA is the liaison between the District government and the AAPI community.