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Subject Matter Liaison

The Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs (OAPIA) is committed to working with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and District government to help ensure that the full range of programs and services are available to the AAPI community.

In 2007, OAPIA created a new initiative in response to the key priority areas. Each OAPIA staff member acts as a liaison in one of the following priority areas: education, health and human services, economic development and employment, safety, and housing.

The staff handle cases from clients and are the point people in OAPIA for each subject area.  If you have initiatives or information you would like to get out to the AAPI community, please contact the respective liaison and they can assist you and collaborate to support your efforts in connecting with the AAPI community. 

Below are the subject areas currently covered by OAPIA along with informational webpages directed to the AAPI advocates and community leaders - if you have additional information or resources you would like us to include, please contact the respective subject matter liasion:

Small Business Assistance
Dory Peters - dory.peters@dc.gov

Neel Saxena - neel.saxena@dc.gov

Employment Assistance
Andrew Chang - andrew.chang@dc.gov

Health and Human Services
Ngoc Trinh - ngoc.trinh@dc.gov

Mental Health Services
Neel Saxena - neel.saxena@dc.gov

Housing Assistance
Christina Truong - christina.truong@dc.gov

Public Safety Services
Ngoc Trinh - ngoc.trinh@dc.gov

Environmental Awareness
Andrew Chang - andrew.chang@dc.gov