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Resources for Agencies

A resource page to increase District agencies' capacity on providing language assistance to AAPI community with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

Census Reports and Information

A list of Census reports and information developed by OAPIA. 



Reach Out: Connecting with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Toolkit

A reference to support your efforts in engaging the AAPI Community. 


Frontline Center Assessment

A list of best practices for frontline centers. 



Language Bank

A resource to provide District Agencies a connection to volunteer community interpreters and translators.

Language Disclaimer

A pre-scripted language disclaimer to use for outreach materials.


Case Assistance 

A resource for AAPI residents and small businesses to get individual help. 

Cultural Competency Resources

Resources about the Asian and Pacific Islander Community.


A resource for how to spread awareness on language access services. 

2014: A Language Odyssey

A report on the last 10 years of language access in the District.


For more information on OAPIA’s role in the Language Access initiative, please contact Neel Saxena at (202) 727-0729 or email neel.saxena@dc.gov.  For more information on the Language Access Act, please visit Office on Human Rights or email ohr@dc.gov